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Social Security Disability

A person suffering from a mental or physical disability (or combination of both) and is unable to work for the next year, or the remainder of his or her lifetime, may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

There are different types of benefits, which include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Social Security Income (SSI). Those who have paid into Social Security over a particular time period are eligible for SSDI, whereas SSI is based on income.

Our Tulsa SSD eligibility attorneys can assist you in determining if you are eligible for SSDI, SSI or both. Once it is determined that you are eligible, we will assist you in gathering the appropriate documentation and file the application on your behalf.

Social Security Benefit Claims & Hearings

People can be denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for a number of reasons. For example, the denial may be due to the applicant’s failure to furnish all the necessary information to the Social Security Administration. Sometimes, improper considerations by the social security officers can lead to the dismissal of deserving cases. Whatever the reason, hiring an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can be crucial to the successful assertion of SSD benefits claims.

If your claim has recently been denied, we will work to gather the appropriate information to prove the impact of your disability on your ability to work. In addition, our firm may be able to help you request an SSD benefits hearing. We have access to a wide variety of experts, including physicians and vocational rehabilitation specialists, to assist in this process and can handle appeals all the way up to the federal level.

Meier & Associates is here to provide the concrete legal solutions and committed advice you need. We have the necessary skill, experience and resources to appeal your denied claim and make the system work in your favor.

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