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Effective Dispute Resolutions

A legal dispute often has many different paths in which it can reach a resolution. It is almost always in an individual’s best interest to find the most economically efficient and legally effective manner. In order to find the route that best serves your interests, it is imperative you work with an experienced lawyer.

Meier & Associates is dedicated to helping clients achieve effective legal resolutions. When clients come to us for legal help, we take time to listen to their concerns so that we fully understand their case. Once we have a firm grasp on their situation, we can offer the most direct legal advice that best suits their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is a nonbinding settlement process that is entirely confidential and leaves the control of the outcome of the case with the parties involved. This process is moderated by a neutral third party (called the mediator). Unlike settling matters in the courtroom, mediation allows the parties involved to come to an agreement on their own terms. There are many benefits to choosing mediation, including:

  • The process is less costly than litigation
  • You control the outcome of your dispute, not a jury or a judge
  • Mediation is held in a comfortable and confidential environment

Experienced Mediation & Arbitration Lawyers

The lawyers at Meier & Associates are not only experienced mediators, they are very experienced at handling a range of legal matters where mediation was involved. With our experience as a mediator, we have learned how to look more meticulously at both sides of the story or dispute and how to listen more intently to each party’s wishes and concerns.

We thoroughly evaluate the situation at hand to make certain we understand the merits of the case, and make every effort possible to achieve an outcome that is in both party’s best interests, or in the interests of the client we are representing.

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