Probate & Estate Planning

It is never too early to plan for your family's future, and while the prospect of making such provisions may seem premature or even gloomy, settling the distribution of your estate is an important step to take. You want to make sure that your family will be secure and your assets fairly distributed without the ugliness of will contests or disputes.

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Perhaps a loved one has recently passed on and you were designated trustee of the estate. We know that the last thing you want to deal with when you are grieving is the division of the estate among the family members. At Meier & Associates, our experienced attorneys are equipped to answer all of your questions regarding:

  • trusts
  • wills
  • living wills
  • probate
  • living trusts
  • powers of attorney
  • business succession
  • estate administration
  • will contests
  • revocable trusts
  • irrevocable trusts
  • asset protection

The historic home that serves as our office is the ideal setting - informal and comfortable - for you to discuss your probate and estate planning goals and plan your future. We can also assist you with your family law or personal injury concern. Contact the probate and estate planning lawyers at Meier & Associates today for a free initial consultation.